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About Us

We enjoy challenges and solving or

correcting what has been

considered impossible. We

constantly hear stories of other

plumbers telling customers

"This can't be done" or "I can't

find the problem". We persevere

and will not stop until all options

are exhausted.

Linda Mattson (President/CEO)

began helping her dad, James L.

Hays, with his plumbing company

when she was only 10 years old. At 17, she managed his Plumbing DIY retail store and at 23 she began her apprenticeship. Linda received her Illinois Plumbing License in 1993 and became one of the very few woman plumbers in the state of Illinois. She worked alongside her dad until his retirement in 2004, at which time she purchased the family business from him and became President of Hays Plumbing Co. Inc. Her main goal was and is to continue providing the service her dad's customers came to expect and to keep his reputation alive within the community.

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Plumber Working on Pipes